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 Sloop Oceánico 

Tipo: Velero 


Modelo: Sloop Oceánico


Constructor: Anzola

Eslora: 16.35 mts

Manga: 4.38 mts

Calado: 2.75 mts
Material: Composite carbono/kevlar


Año: 2008 



Marca: Yanmar 

Trans: pataHoras:

H.P.: 75

Cantidad: 1

Cilindros: 4


Combustible Tipo: Diesel

Capacidad: 750 lts

Agua Potable: 800 lts

Vel. Crucero: 9 nds   

Autonomia: 100hs

Desplazamiento: 12tns 



Tres camarotes dos baños, gran salon cocina, amplio cockpit y cubierta.



• Ecosonda
• Corredera
• Compás
• Malacate
• G. Electrógeno
• Plotter
• Piloto Automático
• Calefactor
• Audio
• Heladera
• Cocina
• Horno
• Termotanque

• Conv. 12-220
• B.A. Potable
• B.A. Río




Aire acondicionado, frezeer, calefacción Eberspacher, bowthuster, velas mayor, genoa, asimétrico, trinquetilla. IMPECABLE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y ESTADO.




Mast and boom made of Carbone fiber and Epoxi resin ( King Composite brand). Park Avenue Boom. Shrouds, stay and backstay with stainless steel rods.


Boom in built in carbon fiber and kevlar


Lazy Jack system in the mainsail


Keblar inner with a Wichard cricket


Harken furling system with the tambour located below deck.


Two Harken 44 winches for the halyards (one of them is electrical)


Four Harken 70.2 winches, two in every band for the sheets. All electrical and manual based on use regatta or cruising


One Harken 70 winch for the main sheet electrical or manual based on use, regatta o cruising


All the blocks are Harken Black magic or superior.


 Spinlock Clutches and organizers.


Hydraulic for: backstay, outhaul and ban (Sailteck) controlled from a unique board.

All the rigging is Vectram (brand: New England Rope)

All the halyards are organized below the deck.

Halyards and sheets with Tylaska automatics.


One main halyard is 2:1, one tapping lift also can be used as a fortune main halyard.

One spi halyard 2:1

2 Code Cero halyards

1 fractionated halyard of inner stay.




All the sails are North Sails of Norland soft for cruising

Full batten mainsail with two reefs that can be managed completely from the cockpit.

Furling Genoa (110%)

Gennaker with snuffer

Small jib


Regatta sails

One main sheet full batten 3Di Carbon

One Genoa I 3Di Carbon medium heavy

One Genoa I 3Di Carbon medium light

One Genoa 3 3Di Carbon


One Genoa 1 Kevlar Medium Heavy

One Genoa 1 Kevlar Medium Light

One Genoa 3 Kevlar


One spinnaker 0,75

One spinnaker light 0,60

One Asymmetric Airex 0,6 for low wind

One Asymmetric A3

Full inventory


-Fast cruising Sloop (design n. 44) made by the engineer Javier Soto Acebal who also supervised the construction of the boat.

-The construction of the boat and of its installations was carried out following the protocols of the European Economic Community (EEC) in order to get the certification to be able to sell it, eventually, inside de community.



The hull, deck, bulkhead and the structure of the boat have been made with a composite material made of carbon fiber and Kevlar with the structural foam core material Corecell (Divinycell that resists high temperatures) and it is also made entirely with Epoxi resin.  The system that was used for the construction of the boat is the one called SP pre-preg. (pre-impregnated materials) oven cured at a controlled temperature.


The boat has a teak wood-paneled deck. 


Yanmar Turbo diesel engine of 75 HP with sail drive and 3-blade Gori folding propeller of variable speed ( desgined by Gori propeller - Steel Team).

Spinlock controls.

The boat’s tank has a fuel capacity of 750 litres, a central tank with a fuel capacity of 350 litres, and two lateral tanks with a fuel capacity of 200 litres. All the fuel tanks are made of stainless steel and can be used independently. The vessel has an Engine room heat blower to improve the refrigeration of the engine. 


Keel with lead bulb of 4 tons. Draught: 2.75 mts.


Indoor furniture veneered with cherry tree wood combined with Divinycell foam to make it as lighter as possible. Moldings are made of solid cherry tree wood. The set of furniture has iron fittings (designed by Sauco) with Japanese locks.


Electrical system  


Electrical system of 24 v, 12 v. and 220 v. The boat’s consumption system was made in 24 v due to the fact that diminishes the thickness of the wiring and eliminates 50% of the weight of the whole electrical system.


Phisher Panda of 6,5 KW


Batteries banks: 2 batteries banks of 5 batteries of 129 amps each one; 2 batteries of 120 amps to start the engine of the boat and generator and two batteries of 120 amps for the Bow Thruster and windlass.


The consumption banks and the starting mechanism of the engine are built to be used mutually as a back up of the other.


Two inverters/chargers (Xantrex Freedom) of 2500W each one. Every inverter works independently or as 220v generator or as chargers of the batteries of the consumption banks, working as a Back up system of the other one.


ACME American transformer that isolates the boat of the ground when it is connected to the marina to avoid galvanic current.


The boat is completely protected with anode of sacrifice to prevent the galvanic corrosion of metals


Electrical board (by Blue Sea USA) of AC and DC current. 

Monitory system of batteries banks, average consumption and charge hours available (Brand: Xantrex Link 1000)


Italian illumination artifacts (Brand: Cantalupi) with Bi Pin incandescent system with dimmers to attenuate the illumination and reduce the electrical consumption while the boat is sailing.


External boards Blue Sea water proof to activate the external lights of the boat, fire pumps and blower of the engine from the cockpit.


Hydraulic and Sanitary System


 Drinking water capacity: 800 litres divided in two tanks built in composite with both sailing bands and near the center line for a better distribution of the weight. It is possible to fill up the tanks as well as to use them separately.


Level monitoring system of water and gasoil tanks (Brand: Wema of 7 tanks).


Almost all the hydraulic installation was done with PVC Acqua System pipes to avoid, as much as possible, the use of hoses.


Water Heater (Brand: Seaward Princess) of 50 litres.

Heating system carried out by water circulation of the engine or electrically (220 v.), indistinctively.


Plumbing and sinks of the kitchen and the bathrooms are made of stainless steel (Brand: FV)


Black & Gray water systems with stainless steel tanks and a macerator pump


All the sanitary system’s pumps were designed by ITT Jabsco.


 Two Quiet Flush Electric Toilets by ITT Jabsco.


Double bilge system with ITT Jabsco pumps, electrical with automatic or manual command in the cabin, rooms and store room. 


 Bilge pumps for wastes

 Showers with one-handle tab.  The Drainages of the bathrooms’ floors have drainboxes and automatic extraction pumps to facilitate the draining of the showers’ water.


Drinking water pump (Brand: ITT Jabsco/ Dual Max) with automatic pressure regulator depending on the water flow.


Fire-extinguishing system with stainless steel piping with an external controlled pump.



Anchoring and Mooring system


Lofrans Italian windlass with folding arm made of carbon fiber and Epoxy resin. 

Stainless steel anchor with calibrated chain.

Folding Bow Thruster (Brand: Max Power USA) on the hull,  joystick controlled from the wheel.


Galley and Saloon


Electric kitchen stove made of stainless steel, with four burners and an oven ( Brand: Seaward Princess USA)


Double kitchen sink and one-handle tab (Brand: FV)


Refrigerator and Freezer: both are stainless steel cabinets with Danfoss compressor designed by Omega Refrigeración. 220 v. system




Cruisair air conditioning and heater of 16000BTUS for the saloon and the principal cabin.


Eberspacher heater that covers all the boat extension (including the bathrooms).


Blowers in the kitchen and bathrooms


Audio system


Clarion Marine stereo with auxiliary input for the iPod

Remote Command in the wheel to be able to control the stereo from the cockpit.

Internal Alpine Baffles (high-fidelity). Water-proof external baflles ( brand: Bose).




B&G H 3000

Two GDF Displays, two analogic wind displays and 4 20/20 in the mast.


Auto pilot’s B&G H3000 hydraulic with two displays one in each wheel


AIS A Raymarine Identification system for boat tracking


Two Simrad Plotters one between the two wheels in the deck NSS and on touch screen NSE in the main cabin

Ray 240E Modular VHF System with dual station remote handsets: one in the plotting board  and the other one is external and is placed in the wheel.Both handsets can be used as intercoms.


Marine PC with a rubber keypad to prevent from possible damages if it gets wet.


Software Evolution Tactics to measure the performance of the boat during boat races or in cruising speed against the boat’s polar. The software has an independent system of Cmap charts.


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